Declaration of Constitution

Rowan Tree Pagan Ministries
Declaration of Constitution
June 3, 2017

The following constitutes the basic beliefs and practices of Rowan Tree Pagan Ministries.

Articles of Faith       
1. We believe that all life is sacred.`
2. We believe in God. We believe that God is energy, Source Energy, whose job is to create.
3. We believe that all energy is Source Energy (God.)
4. We believe that all matter is made of Source Energy (God.)
5. We believe that all humans and animals are made of Source Energy (God.)
6. In addition to our belief in Source Energy (God,) we also believe in gods and goddesses, angels, dragons, faeries and spirit guides, and all other beings and entities, and that all of these being and entities are also made of Source Energy (God.) We seek to worship any combination of these beings and entities by coming into relationship with them.
7. We believe the Earth is made of Source Energy (God,) and we seek to worship the Earth by coming into relationship with her.
8. We believe the four comers of the Earth; North, West, East and South, and the four elements of creation; Earth, Water, Fire and Air are also made of Source Energy (God.) We seek to worship the corners and the elements by coming into relationship with them.
9. We believe in the practice of ritual Magic. Ritual Magic defined as a beneficial process using the practice of intention setting in concert with visualization and emotion to create a specific vibrational resonance that works to brings us into alignment with our desires for the manifestation of our individual lives and different aspects of our life.

Statement of Fundamental Truths
1. The One True God – the One True God is in fact, Source Energy, and reveals Itself daily through all matter that exists on this earthly plain, through the tides of the ocean and the seasons of the year. Existence of Source Energy (God) is evident in the stars and the moon and the sun, in the blue of the sky and the green of the mountains. All that exists in this world is made of Source Energy, The One, The True and Living God.
2. Human Kind – All of creation is made from Source Energy (God,) therefore humans are born into, and reside throughout their lives, in a state of divine perfection. Human separation from the divine is an illusion and occurs only in the mind of humans. When in fact, because humans are made of Source Energy, human separation from the divine is impossible.
3. Divine Plan – We believe that all humans are here on this Earth to live out the plan that they, themselves, devised and wrote for themselves on the Other Side before being birthed onto this realm. Therefore a human life that may give the appearance of “evil” is actually, in contract with other humans, fulfilling their life plan, and helping other humans to do so as well. This is not to say that we advocate for the acts of wrong doing and harm to others except just to rcognize that there is a purpose to every life plan.
4. Duality – There is no such thing as good and bad, right and wrong, righteousness and evil. Because we are all here to fulfill our life plan – one comes to be the giver, the other comes to be the receiver both in contract with each other in agreements that were made before they were birthed into this realm.
5. The Other Side (Heaven) – Because all humans are here to fulfill and live the life plan they themselves created before coming here to this planet, ALL life goes back to the Other Side when their life is finished on this side.
6. Our Sacred Text – All sacred text from all cultures and all religions that are positive, edifying and uplifting come from Source Energy (God,) and are to be used as a guide and standard in matters of worship and daily life.
7. Worship – Is the forming, strengthening and perpetuation of relationship with any person, spiritual entity or being, place or thing.
8. Gathering – As a matter of edification, fortification and identification, sacred gathering is of up most importance and necessary for personal growth and spiritual evolution.
9. Magic – The practice of Magic is critical for personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Our Spiritual Practices
1. Meditation and Prayer – Meditation is the act of listening to Source Energy and other divine forces, for guidance, clarity and direction. Wisdom is a by product of such listening. Prayer is the act of talking to Source Energy and other divine forces, for the purpose of communication and communion. Connection is the by product of prayer.
2. Alter Work – The creation of a sacred space containing ritual and elemental items and then the lighting of candles and the burning or incense on a daily basis as a means of communion with our Others.
3. Magic – The use of intention setting, visualization and emotion to create our life.
4. Diet and exercise – (as much as possible,) the consumption of an unprocessed, whole foods diet and any joyful physical movement as a daily practice.
5. Planetary Care and Maintenance – (as much as possible,) recycling waist, non motorized transportation, limiting consumption to need, and re-purposing household and personal items.
6. Love, Gratitude and Joy – The acceptance and appreciation of people, places, things and situations.
7. Healing – Aligning with Source Energy to eliminate disease in the mind and body.
8. Study – The acquisition of knowledge for the purpose of personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Our Religious Practices
1. Gathering – Group assembly for the purpose of fellowship with one another and worship of Source Energy, Gods and Goddesses, and all other beings and entities, and for the purpose of ritual and celebration of the full moons, Pagan holidays and turning of the seasons.
2. Ritual – Formal collective order and execution of songs, liturgy, prayers and meditations for the purpose of observances, celebration and worship.
3. Cakes and ale – Partaking of the symbolic body and blood of the Earth by bread and water.
4. Birthing Ritual (Ritual Immersion,) – Birthed of the Earth through the birth canal of river or lake in the amniotic fluid of water, the practice of ritual immersion in live water as both an aspect of conversion and as a continuing practice of yearly dedication, commitment and reconnection to the Earth.
5. Study – Participation in group education; classes, workshops and exhibits for the purpose of personal growth and spiritual evolution.