James Evans

Minister James Evans


A small intro to me:
Born (“kicked out”) 1-22-1945. Grants  Pass, ore.
Born in oregon, but grew up (sort of) in LA Cal.
Military: USAF,  ’63- ’67; hospital corpsman/field medic; security clearance to provide emergency care to missile silos for the strategic air command. Hon DC. Civil air patrol (USAF aux.): Cal, cadet; ore, SR officer: emergency svcs officer for air crew, (observer/co-pilot) and ground crew search & rescue.
Retired at rank of captain.


Academic: HS: rosemead, CA, lompoc CA. AA: earth sciences, SBCC; BA: American studies/anthropology, csula; Cal state teaching credential; Ms (cand.): Ed/psych, sou.
Employment:   following diverse innate propensities,  I have followed various paths, including:
Ministry: pastor at churches in so cal and so ore;  Hospital chaplain in so ore.
Law enforcement: reserve patrolman, glendora cal; chief of security, denali AK (denali national park; arresting officer for AK state troopers); Reserve deputy, Jos. CO, ore.
Mental health: clinical child therapist, geriatric/dementia, adult psychiatry.
Instructor: preschool, grammar, middle school/high school (spcl Ed.), college and private. Martial arts/self defense, t’ai chi ch’uan, kineseologyy (rcc), health & exercise. Law enforcement seminars to private security and national park service officers (“confrontational psychology”).
Massage therapist: LMt, various modalities including physical therapy, Hawaiian hotstone and etc. Taught seminars on physical therapy techniques, kineseologyy, and hot stone.
Author/writer: published book  on t’ai chi ch’uan; various articles on health,  meditation, exercise; and etc.
Management: production mgr/lab director; asst plant mgr; security director.
Health management: practices in herbology, homoeopathy, exercise,
” tapping”, Bach flower and essential oils.


I have also spent time in roles as a cook, janitor, paint tech and various activities that would never show up on a job application, but probably did more for my psychie than anything else.


Spiritual: the pagan world is a dimension I have been interested in since my early academic days. My Welsh and Gaelic ancestors were pagans until the Romans literally kicked it out of them and forcefully substituted Christianity and the devil in its place. With an interest in anthropology and spirituality, and deep love for nature, pagan ideals and practices reached out to me and locked mein place. My cathedral as it were, will be found in the deep forest, where I retire as often as I can to “pray, ” meditate, and really feel God’s presence. No fear, but respect for God’s handiwork and his/her reasonable parameters imbued in his followers guide us on our paths. I continue to  study and respect other spiritual modalities of love and compassion and contribute their benefits to my practice. In an earlier role i found myself as a Franciscan brother, at the Santa Barbara mission, Cal, a position that secular  education finally removed. But Francis still dwells in me, and I continue to search for him in the people I serve.